Villads is 16 years old, he has been driving speedway for 11 years. He trains mine. 2 times a week on the Danish tracks and 1 time a month on the Polish track. His regular club is in Glumsø Speedway Club in Denmark.

 Since 2019, he has been part of the youth national team's gross squad with Erik Gundersen as national coach and has achieved excellent international results:

85cc European Championship silver in 2020

85cc DM Silver 2020

250cc European Championship Bronze 2021

250cc World Championship Bronze 2021

250cc World Championship Silver 2022

250cc DM Silver 2022

Season 2023 will be an exciting year... Villads has signed a 2-year driver's contract with Ligaklub Slangerup Speedway (silver winner 2022) and a 5-year driver's contract with Polish Stal Gorzöw (silver winner 2022) in the World's Best League, as well as a contract in German Stralsund.

If you are interested in helping Villads on hes way to a WM title, please contact us at .

The team consists of Thomas Nagel (father) who is both coach and mechanic. Anja Nagel (mother) and Celia Nagel (older sister) who are in charge of PR We are a really good team who support the sport a lot and do what it takes to get all the way.